Impact Resistant Sliding Patio Doors

Impact resistant sliding patio doors are a must-have if you live in a hurricane-prone area. They offer protection against damage from harsh UV rays from the sun as well as from hurricane-force winds that threaten to do untold damage to homes.

When it’s time to renovate your home, or you are building a new one, the inclusion of impact resistant sliding patio doors might seem to blow out the budget somewhat but they more than earn their keep.

The Numerous Benefits

As well as keeping the house safe from strong winds, impact resistant sliding patio doors are excellent noise insulators. So if your home is located near a highway, airport, railway line or nightclub, or you simply have particularly loud neighbors, you will enjoy the reduction in unwanted noise that penetrates through the panes of glass.

And there’s another excellent virtue that makes impact resistant sliding patio doors worth the added expense. Break-ins are made more difficult because burglars will be deterred when they realize that they can’t simply smash through the glass and enter your home at will, even if they repeatedly try. Since the glass is laminated, intruders will not be able to cut through it with their tools of trade, glass cutters.

Hurricane Resistance

In the event that a hurricane sends airborne debris flying toward your impact resistant sliding patio doors, any fragments of glass will adhere to the vinyl interlayer, thus serving to prevent injury and also to maintain the integrity of the building’s structure. When purchasing your doors, be sure to check that they meet the building code requirements for your area.

UV Protection

Your new impact resistant sliding patio doors are effective at filtering up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Enjoy protection from fading for your expensive furnishings, carpets, hardwood floors, photographs, paintings and curtains. Don’t worry about harsh reflections from your pool’s surface. Your doors will eliminate the need to buy shutters to affix to the outside of your home, which enables you to have more creative control over the way your house looks.

Sliding doors on a patio are always a great idea because they can be opened by a small or large amount. That way, you can invite the breeze in when you want it, and reduce the flow through when you need to. Many people love to entertain on their patio and that means carrying food in and out of the house. Sliding doors allow you to keep both hands on trays of food or arms full of items, while opening and closing the door with your foot.

No Slamming

Sliding doors don’t slam due to wind gusts, and because of their more substantial weight, can’t easily be slammed shut by overzealous children. Even if they do manage to do so, the door won’t shatter to pieces from the impact. In fact, impact resistant sliding patio doors are a boon for families, and they can be fitted with automatic door closers if required.

The best doors are those you can see out of in order to enjoy the view, but through which others cannot see you. You can have the glass tinted in shades of gray, blue or bronze to render prying eyes useless, and watch the passing parade as and when it suits you.

Consider installing impact resistant sliding patio doors and you will be delighted with the benefits they offer: low maintenance, good looks, high levels of protection from wind and intruders, and numerous safety features including deadlatch locks.

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