Snap Together Flooring

In this modern world, we all need something in our home that looks good but can be cleaned and maintained quickly. After a hectic day at work, we don’t want to come home to vacuum a carpet; we want to relax in our elegant lounge.

Snap together flooring is therefore a great investment for the majority. Not only does it look good, it takes very little to clean and can be installed easily by anyone! You don’t need a basic knowledge of DIY; just follow the steps below.

Flooring Preparation

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have the correct tools to complete the job. A saw is effective for cutting boards to shape and size around doors and corners. A measuring tape and pencil are also required for this job because it can be expensive if you do get the measurements wrong.

However, you can buy starter kits with useful tools in along with the actual snap together flooring tiles or panels. This takes the hassle out of searching for the necessary equipment, and they are affordable too.

Before laying snap together flooring, you also need to make sure that the floor space is completely dry and free of furniture. Any imperfections also need to be ironed out. For example, any lumps and bumps in a wooden floor must be sanded down and any carpet residue must be taken up.

Vacuum all dust and fluff up too because that can degrade underneath your new snap together flooring over time and may cause complications in the future. The floor is a canvas for your new flooring to decorate and it needs to be perfect before you can achieve the desired effect.

Laying Snap Together Floor

Firstly, make sure you put down a padded layer (called underlayment) in the area where snap down flooring will go. This layer works like underlay for carpets. It works to reduce moisture that may damage the flooring in the future, and you can even get a variant that can help to reduce the noise that walking on the floor will make. All of the material’s edges should be taped down by the walls and doors, so that it cannot move over time and cause weak spots underneath the floor.

When you are ready to lay the snap together flooring, bear in mind that there is a technique for it and after the first few joints you will have no problem completing the rest of it.

The first row must always be narrower than the last because it is easier to install, so be sure to measure along the floor before you start. Use the saw to cut the snap together flooring to size and then simply tilt and snap. Pull the panel up and snap the next one into place before laying it, and then repeat the action with the next panel and so on.

The final panels of a snap together floor have to be slid into place instead because a door or wall may block your ability to tilt and snap. However, the fit of the panels mean that it is just as simple to do it that way.

One thing to remember though, is to leave an inch or so of room on every side of the floor to allow it expand because it will eventually fill the room of its own accord. If this gap is not left then you are in for some unsightly lumps and bumps.

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