Soapstone Counters

Every homeowner that is or wants to renovate his or her kitchen will have an idea as to what it should look like when finished. In many cases, this includes beautiful replacement countertops that really frame the rest of the work done in addition to providing a strong and resistant sideboard on which to cook and have fun with friends. This is just one reason why soapstone countertops have become so popular in recent years.

Much like marble and granite, and just as hard, it can provide a beautiful finish to any kitchen but there is much you need to know before you choose soapstone countertops for your home.

Introduction to Soapstone

First of all, soapstone countertops are primarily made of stone that is between 300 and 400 million years old. It is quarried, and contains a number of elements that have been proven to be stable and incredibly strong, such as chlorite and dolomite. However, it is the fact that it contains talc that makes it so smooth to the touch and thus visually appealing too.

Believe it or not, soapstone has been used for years in everyday life. It has been used or making tools and statutes amongst other things and can be traced back to Native American life as well as early settler homes. Within the home, soapstone countertops can be traced back at least a hundred years.

Soapstone has become popular again in recent years, purely and simply because of its aesthetic appeal and the fact that more and more people are renovating their own homes, using soapstone countertops to provide a unique and innovative touch to the heart of the home.

If you are wondering exactly why you should choose soapstone countertops over their more popular granite and marble counterparts though, the answer lies in the very core of the soapstone itself. It is inert, meaning that it does not react to anything at all. Acids will not damage it and neither will substances that are alkali. As such, it can sustain high use without even a mark appearing on it.

Furthermore, soapstone does not react to heat either and so is perfect for use in the kitchen. After all, soapstone countertops have been used in laboratories for years without an issue. All of this points to them being excellent value for money, but what options does it give you?

Soapstone Options

If you choose soapstone for your kitchen countertops then you have many options. It can be carved to suit your specifications, coloured to fit in with your existing colour scheme and can make your entire kitchen surface, including your sink if you so wish. It is incredibly versatile and very easy to use to fulfil your own wants and needs.

Soapstone countertops are perfect for those homeowners that want to achieve a rustic feel without compromising their functionality. It is also possible to achieve a more modern aesthetic appeal. As such, soapstone countertops can really check all of the boxes for you.

Furthermore, if you have existing soapstone countertops and want to refinish them, then that is also possible because you can strip it right down and use the material to start from scratch, regardless of how old it is. There are few materials that can help you to achieve this so make sure that soapstone countertops are at the top of your list.