Solar Boiler Heating Your Home

A solar boiler heating your home is an energy efficient way to save the environment and the strain on your pocketbook. In this world of ever-increasing gas and oil prices, heating your home is becoming more expensive in the winter months.

There are many ways to make your home less energy draining, such as buying new and efficient doors and windows. This alone would save you a few dollars but having a solar boiler heating your home will reduce your energy consumption by nearly half, resulting in higher savings.

How a Solar Boiler Heating System Works

The way the solar boiler works is that non-toxic glycol solar collectors are placed on your roof collecting sunlight. These collectors operate automatically from the time the sun rises until nightfall and are designed to not freeze at the height of winter when you need heat the most. Sunlight heats up the glycol solution within the collectors and causes it to be pumped to the solar boiler heating your home.

The heated glycol solution then heats up the water in a solar storage tank adjacent to your conventional boiler. This process is repeated until the water in this tank is hot.

This water is transferred into your normal boiler to sit as a backup and is reheated if required. The tank is then refilled with cold water and begins reheating again as in any regular system.

Can Save the World and Your Money

The solar storage tank becomes your primary hot water source while your normal boiler sits idle until needed. This entire system runs entirely on the solar power pulled from the collectors. This system in no way acts as a vampire on your regular energy consumption.

On most days, the solar boiler heating your home provides enough hot water that your conventional heater won’t even need to turn on. The up-front cost, at the moment, is a little on the high side, but you will see a return of the investment in as early as five years.

Converting to Solar Boiler Heating

Most home boiler systems can be converted to accept solar energy in conjunction with the regular energy that normally comes into your home. Also, most advertised solar boiler systems can be installed by anyone as instructions are included.

If you don’t consider yourself handy, some locations that sell these systems can have an installation specialist come to your home instead. Another added benefit is that after the conversion kit is attached to your standard boiler, the system is maintenance-free. No follow-up check-ups are required. Having a solar boiler heating your home is a sound investment.

Seasonal Options

There are seasonal solar heating options that cost much less but the negative is that those systems do not operate in the winter. Usually, these sort of seasonal systems are reserved for vacation homes or places that rarely see temperatures below freezing.

Whatever your choice, alternative environmentally friendly forms of energy exist. Solar boiler heating is but one option of many to save both a few bucks in your bank account and the world.