Solar Energy: The Ultimate Sustainable Resource


  • American Solar Energy Society – Learn about this organization’s mission to advance education, research and policy in the field of solar energy.
  • California Solar Energy Industries Association – Find out more about how CALSEIA advocates for solar energy using education and lobbying.
  • Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) – Information about their mission to promote sustainable energy solutions.
  • Solar Energy Business Association of New England (SEBANE) – This organization works to increase and promote solar energy usage in the New England area.
  • Sustainable Development International (SDI) - The organization’s mission is to inform, influence, and implement.

Government Resources

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency - Fact sheet on non-hydroelectric sources.
  • Solar Energy Basics - Information for kids on how solar energy works and how it effects the environment.
  • Solar Energy - Maps, resources, and information on solar power and other sustainable resources.
  • Exploring Ways to Use Solar Energy - Provides tips on how to utilize solar energy.
  • Department of Energy: Solar Energy - Official government page on solar efficiency.
  • Renewable Resources: Solar Energy Home Page - Government laws and policies regarding solar energy.


  • Solar Energy 101 - Guide to solar energy in simple terminology.
  • Solar Energy - Basic overview of solar energy.
  • Smart Clothing - Interesting look at incorporating solar panels into apparel.
  • Photovoltaic Cell Panels - Guide to photovoltaic cells with graphs, rate charts, and photographs.
  • Active Solar Heating - Fact sheet on active solar heating benefits.
  • Renewable - Information about solar energy and passive solar collectors.
  • Solar Energy - Fact sheet on types of solar energy and how it is collected.
  • Passive Solar Greenhouse - Design plans and instructions for a do-it-yourself (DIY) solar greenhouse.

Design Information

  • Florida Solar House - Details and design information of a completely solar home.
  • Solar Energy Collectors - Fact sheet about flat plate solar collectors.
  • Solar Water Heaters - Fact sheet to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding solar energy.
  • Solar Cookers - How-to-booklet for making and using solar cookers.
  • Sustainable Choices - Easy ways to incorporate solar energy into your home.
  • Find Solar - Includes a calculator to help you measure the amount of solar power you would be able to generate in your home.
  • DIY Solar Panel Installation - Includes a price breakdown of installing your own solar panels.