Do Split Entry Renovations Save Energy

Split entry renovations on bi-level homes can save homeowners big money in energy savings. The split entry home, built in the mid twentieth century, typically features its entrance as a landing situated as such to separate the top and bottom levels of the house.

Split entry renovations include:

Improvements such as these could make these aging homes far more energy efficient.

Draft-proofing, as part of split entry renovations, entails sealing around windows and doorframes, ceiling-hung light fixtures, and attic entrances. Caulking around bath and shower enclosures that abutt exterior walls also ensures against costly air leakage.

Cantilevered roof overhangs need to be fitted with exterior-grade plywood on their undersides as well as sealed. Attached garage ceilings and walls should also be sealed against cold air leaking into the house as well as warm air leaking from the house and into the garage.

Split entry renovations that include adding siding to exterior walls also rate high as energy savers. Blowing in insulation adds to this and when done from the outside of the house during remodeling, causes little if any inconvenience.

Replacing old, energy-eating windows during split entry renovations with the latest designs in better-performing window units can save thousands in heating and cooling costs. Besides saving you money, new windows give your old house a much-welcomed rejuvenation while increasing the comfort level inside the home.

Adding ceiling, roof and attic insulation when performing split entry renovations serves as another way to save on energy costs. Of course, access determines how much insulation you will be able to add, but blown-in foam can achieve excellent results. You will want to be sure and leave room for adequate ventilation when performing split entry renovations involving insulation.

Replacing heating systems should be done at the last of your split entry renovations. It wont do much good to install a high-efficiency system if you are still losing heat through air leaks in the other parts of your house like the windows, overhangs, ceiling, and roof. Make this last investment the final coup de grace in your battle against energy waste.

So why are you waiting on those split entry renovations? Get out the tools and get cracking! Split entry renovations wait for no man or the energy bills, either.