Spring Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning picturesFollowing some of the spring cleaning tips from the character of Mole, in ‘The Wind in the Willows’, could serve you well whilst some other of his other tips might not be so helpful. Using brooms and dusters are good ideas - but simply giving up with a “bother” or “oh blow”, really wouldn’t help. Quite probably the best spring cleaning tip of all is simply to stick at it until you’ve thoroughly cleaned your home from top to bottom.

Be Safe

The first spring cleaning tip is another good one that Mole mentions - using ladders and steps. Quite simply, just for the sake of your own safety, don’t ever over-reach yourself when trying to clean something that is above you; or probably even worse stand on unstable chairs and tables etc in order to reach.

If you want to dust along the joints between walls and ceilings or inside ceiling lightshades - use a suitable pair of step ladders. When cleaning windows and window frames on the outside of your home - don’t hang out of the window trying to reach places but use a proper ladder, preferably with someone else standing at the bottom of it.

Make a List

If spring cleaning means giving your home a thorough cleaning that, in turn, means cleaning all the things that you don’t normally bother with. It would be quite easy to go through your home cleaning everything you see thoroughly - but ultimately missing some things out. For example; dusting above the door frames and the tops of the doors, polishing the door furniture itself, clearing out the bathroom cabinet and cleaning the inside of it … the list could be quite an extensive one. This is exactly the point as to why you should make a spring cleaning list, to avoid missing anything out.

Having made the list you might think that you’ve presented yourself with a never ending job? Well, the fact is that you don’t have to do all the spring cleaning in one day or even one week. Spread out the workload as much as you like, think of it more as an annual clean - rather than something that has to be done just in the spring-time.

Get Under the Furniture

Giving your home a good spring clean means cleaning under things, rather than just around them. So no matter how heavy or awkward a piece of furniture is it needs completely moving out of its usual position; and the floor and walls that have been hidden from view being cleaned thoroughly.

Spring cleaning is also the time of year many of us will shampoo our carpets and re-wax floors, so whilst you’ve got the carpet shampooer out or the floor buffer out, with the furniture moved around, you can freshen up all of the floor covering. This is especially important for carpet floor coverings - as shampooing them is the only effective way to kill the dust mites that live in them.

Include Non-Living Areas

Dirt and mess in your home can be created inside it, but quite often a lot of the dirt we bring into our homes gets there by being carried in from the garage, work-shed, utility/boot room or even the conservatory. Whilst the conservatory will be considered a living area, and will therefore be on your spring cleaning list, the garage or similar areas might not be. However, if you take a look at the state of say the garage floor - you might start to understand where some of the dirt and mess in your home comes from.

Photo by showmeone, Creative Commons Attribution License