Stacked Stone Veneers

So many people love the look of natural stone on the outside of the house. The look conjures up visions of old world cottages and stately manor homes. But, natural stacked stone is an expensive building material due to the skill, tools, and labor time involved. Stacked stone veneers re-create the look of stacked stone without the expensive price tag.

Stacked stone veneers are available in panels that are relatively easy to install. These panels actually do contain natural stone, but don't have the weight and size of natural stacked stone. Using the individual pieces of stone to build a wall from natural stacked stone means a high cost for both materials and labor.

The natural method is done by stone mason who cuts up large blocks of stone into smaller stones. Then, each stone must be fitted in stacked together individually. It's this kind of painstaking work; it is easy to see where the high labor costs come from.

The veneer method, however, uses pre-assembled panels made of natural stone pieces. These pieces are cut from natural stone, then they are adhered together to form the panel. Stacked stone veneers come in panels that measure 24" x 6", and are 1 1/2 inches deep.

Stone veneers can be attached easily to any hard wall surface. Wall made from cement or brick are suitably hard for veneer attachment, and require no special preparation.

Faux Stone Veneers

Some stacked stone veneers are made from a combination of materials that are formed to look like natural stone. These materials usually include cement and other stone like materials mixed with iron oxide for color. This mixture is then poured into him stone shaped molds that were cast from real natural stone. Faux stone veneers are quite realistic in appearance, shape, and texture.

Some of these own stone panels come in 2 inch thickness is, and can range up to 3 1/2 inches deep. But faux panels are installed just like the natural stone panels. Sometimes the surface must be prepared in order to ready it for the panels.

This can include adhering waterproof paper to the wall, metal lath if necessary, and a very thin coat of mortar. These preparations must usually be done on surfaces that are not cement or break. This allows even drywall or plywood walls to be covered in panels of the stacked stone veneers.

Maintaining Stone Veneers

Stacked stone veneers do not require any sealant. However, they can be sealed if the homeowner desires it. This may be necessary if the weather is expected to be extreme, or the surface may attract graffiti. Some homeowners see old their veneers in order to get a glossy finish. If the veneers have been sealed, they will occasionally need to be touched up. Otherwise, very little maintenance is required for stone veneers.

Stacked stone veneers may occasionally benefit from washing, but that is generally not necessary. Stone veneers are extremely durable and are expected in most cases to last as long as the building itself.

Typical warranties for stone panels are 40 or 50 years in length. There are very few building materials that can claim this type of durability and longevity. And now with the panels available, those attributes don't have to come with a high price tag.