Starting A Housecleaning Business

Most people at some point in their working lives have become tired of working for their boss. Whether your boss is a treasure, or an absolute nightmare, there have come a time when the prospect of rolling out of bed in the morning to make money for someone else has really hacked you off. Right?

Well you are not alone, and there is an ever increasing number of people tidying their desks and heading for self employment. In this article, we will look at one way in which you can use your existing skills to start a business of your own: we will look at starting a housecleaning business.

Why Housecleaning

Most people struggle to come up with an idea before they set up in business. Taken one stage further, the vast majority of people fail to come up with a profitable idea before they set up in business. Well, some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs have come off the back of some of the simplest ideas, and what better idea than housecleaning?

A skill that you will already posses, and a skill that will always be in demand, house cleaning is a great and proven contract business for anyone looking to guarantee an income. But hold in, I hear you say. You do not want to leave the office environment to do hard manual labour?

Well, there is a simple solution: employ others, and manage your staff. Although there will be legal requirements which you will need to investigate, and although this is risky because you will still have to pay wages, this leaves you to work on driving sales and winning contracts for your staff, and your wallet.

What you Need

If you are serious about starting a housecleaning business, the first thing you are going to need is some good cleaning equipment. You will need enough supplies to cover all of your staff needs, and you will need to ensure you keep these supplies well stocked at all times.

Next you need to get leaflets printed up as part of a marketing campaign, and distribute these to try and win contracts. Additionally, you could try targeting commercial contracts by phoning local companies and offering your services: if you do not ask, you won't get the business.

You may also need staff. These can be found by looking in employment agencies, or alternatively advertising in local media. You might also like to think about a website, as a constant advert for your business, and consider the appearance of company stationery, as the first impression the client has of your business. Another vital consideration is insurance, and this should definitely be secured, in place, before you begin trading. Particularly in a business like housecleaning, you will find insurance is essential.

Other Considerations

It is important, more so than anything else, that you maintain a professional approach when starting a housecleaning business. This should extend from your telephone manner through to the actual quality of the finished job. This is one sure fire way to ensure that clients come back for more and more, and in no time at all, you could find yourself with a hefty number of contracts to deal with.

Another issue is that regardless of your personal takings, you will still have to pay staff the wage you have promised, so it may be worthwhile seeking some start up capital as a back up. Before you begin, make sure you think everything through and prepare yourself, but most of all have fun, and enjoy working for yourself rather than your current boss!

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