Step Ceilings Enhance a Home

If you are looking for something a little bit different in your home, especially if you have renovated it recently and just want some ideas as to what you can do with the fixtures then why not consider step ceilings? They are extremely effective in drawing attention to beautiful d├ęcor and small details of the room around them. Step ceilings are also perfect for introducing a touch of individuality into your home. After all, everything that we do with our homes actually reflects on our personalities.

About Step Ceilings

Step ceilings are the height of fashion right now and actually cost very little to put up. It involves erecting a false ceiling out of plasterboard or another similar material and cutting a shape in the middle of it.

You then have to slope the edges of the hole so that they lean in towards and touch your original ceiling, thus leaving the appearance of one ceiling when there are actually two in place. The appearance of the finished effect looks somewhat like a step, hence the term step ceiling.

You could feasibly let your imagination run riot when you install a step ceiling because you can choose the shape of the ceiling and what you do with it when the fake ceiling is in place.

Most step ceilings appear as a rectangle or square, thus lending the room and air of elegance and class. Believe it or not, you can get that feeling completely from the step ceilings. They truly do take your breath away.

You may actually need to hire a contractor to help you to create the step ceilings that you want incorporated into your home because they usually have to be constructed in sections, although there have been reports of individuals simply layering the ceiling with plaster in order to achieve the same effect. This is not advisable because it cause an imbalance on the ceiling itself, as well as too much extra weight, and thus you may be damaging the structure of your home.

Creative Ides For Step Ceilings

As I have already stated, you should use step ceilings to inject personality into your home. Most people opt for two very different colours, or two contrasting shades of the same colour, to highlight their step ceilings, but you do have creative license to do as you please.

Step ceilings should be highlighted, so why not paint it in bold bright colours to add a little something different. You could even try painting a mural or portrait on the section of original ceiling that remains. This would be bucking convention but would certainly make your home unique.

You could also light it slightly differently with spotlights instead of the traditional single light fixture. The choices and options associated with step ceilings are really endless, but if you do feel more comfortable with the more common methods of decorating them then stick to that. After all, any form of renovation is all about making your home your own.

Step ceilings are one of the better recent home fashions that have been invented to give certain individuals that little something different. They can add the finishing touch to any renovated room but are probably better adorning only one room of the house to give that particular room a special quality.

Check out little touches like these because they can also give you great ideas about things you can add to the rest of your home.