Steps to Finish a Basement

Have you been living in a house that has an unfinished basement? By taking steps to finish your basement, you will find that you are adding a very valuable part to your house. It will not only increase the retail value, but it will also give you an extra room that you can use for any purposes - a game room for kids, a family room, a guest bedroom.

All of these things are very indispensable for a homeowner. And the experience of finishin a basement is very valuable as well. You can have a good time creating a new place to go in your house, as well as learning a new skill.

Get the Measure

Before you begin, you need to plan the exact measurements of the room. You should already have a good idea of where exactly you want the room to go, and where you will build all of the walls. You could possibly hire a contractor to draw up the plans for your room. If you are a novice at this sort of thing, this might be a wise choice.

As long as you have a good plan and you follow it to the letter, your room will be good as well. Next you should find out locally about any permits you may need to build a room in your basement. This usually wont be a problem, but in some areas it will be.

After you have taken care of all the pre-construction issues, it is time to start doing the things that are directly involved with building. Based on your plans, go out and buy all of the lumber and tools you need to do the building. You should always purchase an extra 10% of things like boards and screws, just so you have extras in case you mess something up (which is rather likely if it is your first time doing building). You may also need to stock up on power tools, if you are not able to borrow them from someone who is more experienced in home improvement projects.

Construction Steps to Finishing a Basement

The hardest part of finishing a basement is to actually plan it all out. Once you get the lumber and start to piece it all together, you will realize that it is much easier than it would seem. All it takes is some basic know-how of the way the wood needs to be pieced together, and you will be able to lay everything out and nail it up in no time. After you erect those, you will have your room fully framed, which is the first step to finishing a basement. After this, you will begin the drywalling process, which is slightly more challenging than the other construction steps.

To drywall your basement room, you first need to calculate the dimensions of each wall. Then you have to figure out how you can arrange the drywall so that it will require the least amount of cutting. This may involve placing it horizontally, or vertically. It varies from room to room, and you will just have to use your own sense to determine the best way to set it up.

Next you will make exact measurements and cut the drywall, preferably with a ruler to guide the knife straight. Then you simply assemble it on the wall piece by piece, and nail it to the framing that you have already erected. After this, it is just a matter of covering the creases and painting the walls and you have a beautiful new room.