Stihl Chain Saw Tips

Okay, you're going shopping to find a Stihl chain saw that meets your needs. Postpone your shopping at least for reading some tips on Stihl Chain saws.

You can easily get saws of different brands from the market for low prices with low quality. If you have an idea about the origin of the Stihl chain saw, you will definitely go for Stihl Chain Saw. You will never go wrong on the choosing a STIHL.


In 1926, Andreas Stihl developed the first electric chain saw for the use of farmers, woodcutters, landscapers, professional loggers, construction crews, and fire departments.

Andrew Stihl later in the year 1927 modified the electric chain saw into first portable, gasoline-powered chain saws.

Stihl is still a monotonous leader in the manufacturing of professional saws and other power tools. Nowadays these Stihl chain saws are widely used in forestry and by tree surgeons, to harvest firewood, to remove branches and foliage, to fell trees also.

The Stihl chain saws consist of adjustable carburetor screws for adjusting to various local cutting conditions and altitudes. This chain saw has rear hand guards to reduce the risk of injury and also provide enough space for foot placement while starting. The chain is been oiled automatically, so the operator can focus on cutting, not on lubrication. A tool less chain adjuster called Quick Chain Adjuster is provided in this model of Stihl chain saws.

Chain Saw Problems

The most common mishap arises due to chain saws is "Kickback", where the saw blade jerks uncontrollably. Kickback may lead to serious injury or death. Continuous chain saw operation can lead to "vibration white finger", industrial deafness, or tinnitus. Another big injury occurs during felling of tree is that the operator might get trapped or crushed when the large tree begins to fall when the cut is about to complete.

These conditions and injuries can be prevented by using protective clothing and hearing protectors by the operators during operation of the Stihl chain saw. Many jurisdictions compell operators to become certified or licensed to work.


The accessories commonly used by saw operators for their safety are Helmet, Visor, Ear defenders, trousers, and chain saw boots. The helmet is mainly helpful in preventing the operator's head against the impact with the cutter bar of the chainsaw. A visor or goggles is generally used to avoid the penetration of chips into the user's eyes.

The retail price of the stihl chain saw ranges from $ 399.99 to $15,000, which depends upon the model. The Stihl chain saw is the widely used by the different persons for the past 75 years. You may also be about to be among them.

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