Stone Fireplace Renovation

A fireplace is often the centerpiece of any room that it is placed in. Traditionally, the area in front of the fireplace was where the family or lovers huddled together for warmth on a cold winter night and as well as to have a good old chat. In average household today, fireplaces are no longer needed for warmth. We have other more efficient ways of heating the home. Still, there is no reason that fireplaces should not exist, if only to serve as decorative centerpieces to brighten up and add character to the room that they are in.

Many people choose to board up a fireplace and to paint or wallpaper over it as though it was never there. In their view, their old fireplace is a complete eye sore. This is not the only option for you if you have an old stone fireplace in your home that needs work. It can be completely renovated to look attractive, beautiful and it can be made to add to the appeal of the room.

Damage Control

When it comes to renovating a stone fireplace, you will have to assess whether there is any damage to the fireplaces itself and to the stone that surrounds it in order to come up with solutions for its improvement. Stone fireplaces vary considerably and can be made of limestone, sandstone and even marble so your solutions will have to bear that in mind.

If you decide to take on the task of renovating your old fireplace, you will first most probably be dealing with the need to clean the stone that surrounds the fireplace. You will need to identify what type of stone your fireplace is made of.

Cleaning Poultices

Once you do this, all types of poultices can be found to restore the look of various stones. Search first in your local hardware and masonry shops for solutions to cleaning stone that has become dirty and dull with time. Select a cleaning agent that is appropriate for the materials that make up your fireplace.

If there are chips in the stone surrounding your fireplace you may have to find a creative way to deal with it. Depending on whether the fireplace has a smooth, flat surface or a jagged, textured surface, you may be able to simply sand down chips and scratches so that they blend in with the surface area around them. This can only be done after the stone has been thoroughly cleaned.

If you do not clean the area first, the newly sanded area will look extremely clean and polished in comparison to the stone surrounding it. Use your discretion with this as sometimes scratches and chips can add charm and character to a stone finish. You will need to decide which option is best.

DIY or Hire a Stone Mason

If your fireplace is made up of individual pieces of hand stone then in many ways, it will be much easier to renovate. You may not be able to do the renovation yourself. You may need to hire a mason.

A mason will be well qualified to do a good replication of the stone that exists and will know where to find stones that match those that surround your fireplace. A good mason should not have any problem at all replicating the stonework around your fireplace seamlessly so as to restore its original charm and the overall look of the fireplace.

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