Locking Stone Retaining Wall

There are quite a few options available to you if you are considering constructing a retaining wall to use in your landscaping design. Some options are as old-fashioned as going do to a local streambed and gathering a truckload of stones to construct your own. Others choose to buy inexpensive cinder blocks and just build a block wall. If however, you are looking to use a product that is innovative, unique, and easy to use, then consider using a locking stone retaining wall for your project.

Locking Stone Kits

Locking stone retaining walls are constructed from pre-fabricated block that are made to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. While it is possible to purchase the individual cut pieces and try to be creative with your own design, you find it much easier and practical to buy the wall as a kit.

This kit comes complete with all of the stone that you will need, precut and stacked on a pallet in the order that you will need them to assemble the wall. The kits also come with detailed instructions about which pieces go where and how they fit together.

There are a wide variety of colors, stone patterns, and sizes of stone available for you to choose from. It may appear at first glance that the price of a locking stone retaining wall is not worth the difference.

A simple block wall may be less expensive when it come to buying the block itself, but once you buy the mortar and all of the tools necessary to put a simple block wall together, the expenses start to add up quickly. When you add in the amount of time that you save using an interlocking system, you will find that these products are well worth the few extra dollars that you may have to spend initially.

Paving Stone Matched

One of the most attractive things about a locking stone retaining wall for many homeowners is the ability to get a stone wall that will match the interlocking stone pavers that are also available. Using these products together will give your backyard space a sense of continuity and flow.

Too often, outdoor landscaping ends up looking like a cacophony of ideas that were just thrown together with no consideration given as to whether or not they actually belong together. The beauty of these interlocking systems is that they were, in fact, made to be used together. With some appropriate outdoor furniture, you now have the ability to extend your decorated living space right out the back door and into your yard.

Your good taste in decorating has created a beautiful home that you love to share with your friends and guests. Why not take your good taste outside? Explore the possibilities that are available to you with locking stone retaining walls and floors.

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