The Storage Shed Solution

If you are a homeowner, chances are you need a storage shed, even if you already have a garage. These little outbuildings have all kinds of uses; to store tools, lawnmowers, garden equipment, outdoor lawn furniture, and much more. It's fairly safe to say there are a million and one uses for a good storage shed.

Free Plans

And depending on your time and skill, you can save quite a chunk of money by building a storage shed yourself. Many Web sites offer free plans. Some of these include,, and at Other sites offer storage shed plans for sale, usually at quite reasonable prices.

But if you're like most of us, your storage shed needs to come already built. At least it needs to come with major portions already put together and easy-to-follow instructions with how to piece together the rest of it. So here are a few online retailers that sell - and can deliver - a storage shed that anybody can easily erect.

Cedarshed Industries sells easy-to-assemble storage shed kits designed for quick assemblies. Floors, pre-shingled panels for the roofs, pre-hung door and window units, and even complete hardware kits come included. This site offers nine different varieties of storage shed to accommodate any homeowner's needs.

Another online storage shed retailer,, offers a huge array of these outbuildings in metal, vinyl, plastic, and wood. Barn styles, peaked-roof styles, and sloped roofs are just a few of the many storage shed features this Web site sells in an amazing range of sizes, styles, and designs.

On every storage shed it sells - from an astonishing selection - Spirit Elements ( offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With floor panels, roofing panels, doors, and windows all included, this storage shed retailer also furnishes complete, detailed instructions on each sold storage shed.

And there you have it - three storage shed Web sites offering everything you need for the perfect outdoor building. There's no more excuse now to get off your you-know-what and go you-know-where to do you-know-what! Besides, your wife, husband, significant other (and maybe even you!), knows that all it takes to solve that cluttered outdoor mess is a storage shed. So go on a mouse-clicking mission, and get the storage shed you need today.

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