Strawberry Planters

Strawberries tend to grow throughout your garden and crowd out your other fruit and vegetables. They produce delicious fruit, however strawberries left to ripen on the ground tend to rot from contact with the ground and moisture. You can purchase or make your own strawberry planters. This will save room and keep the fruit off the ground. If you want plump, red, sun-ripened strawberries, then a strawberry planter is a must.

Strawberries have shallow root systems. They need good drainage, and they love full-sun.

Basic Plastic Planters

You can grow strawberries in any kind of pot, raised bed, hanging basket, hanging bag, pyramid, etc. Strawberries have even been known to grow in old 4 inch PVC pipe with holes cut every foot, filled with soil, hung on an incline and watered in the top end and out the bottom.

Plastic planters are inexpensive and lightweight. They retain moisture and can be moved to follow the sun or to avoid nasty weather. They come in just about any size and shape. There are many colors and designs to choose from.

Ceramic Planters or Strawberry Jars

These jars are designed for growing strawberries. They have small protrusions all around them in which strawberries can be planted. These openings provide enough room for a single plant in each hole to grow a healthy root system. There is also space at the top of the jar for several more plants. They provide good drainage. They are heavy, especially when full of moist soil. They are usually made of ceramic clay often terra-cotta in color.

Hanging Pouches or Bags

Strawberry pouches or bags have slits in them for planting each individual strawberry plant. They can be hung up in a tree, on a porch or wherever you want them. They can also be placed on the ground. They really cut down on space. They are portable and perfect for small areas.

Another benefit is that they protect the strawberry plants from disease and pests. One caution about strawberry bags is to watch out for overheating. The strawberries delicate root system is sensitive to heat and the roots can cook if the temperature gets too hot.

Strawberry Towers

These are usually made of the same ceramic clay as strawberry pots but they can be made of just about any material. Wood, metal or plastic, these towers are stacked rings that provide plenty of growing space. The rings are stacked.

The cascading strawberries are kept off the ground and these tower planters make picking the fruit very easy. They are also attractive in your yard or garden.

Pyramid Planters

This type of planter is very similar to tower planters. The tiers are stacked in order of size. The bottom tier is the largest and the top tier is the smallest. This planter also makes picking strawberries easier than leaning over a shorter planter.

Strawberry barrels can be made of any material and any size. To make a strawberry barrel you simply drill a series of holes of several inches in diameter. Stagger them around the barrel.

Flower Pots, Box Planters and Hanging Baskets

Strawberries will grow in any regular flower pot, box planter or hanging basket planter. They only need several inches of soil so the planter doesn’t need to be too deep.

Regardless of which type of planter you choose, strawberries grow the best with a mixture of compost, loam, manure and sand.

To prevent water from running out of the holes in the planters, try drilling holes in a piece of PVC tubing that is the same height as the planter. Insert the tubing down into the center of the soil. You can fill it with sand and when watering pour the water into the tubing and your strawberries will be watered from the inside out.

Runners will shoot out of the parent plant. You should pinch them off to allow more of the plant’s energy to go into producing the fruit. These runners can be rooted in seed trays and planted after developing their own root system. Strawberry plants should be replaced every few years and the runners can be a source for new plants.