Stucco vs. Brick Homes

Deciding between stucco vs. brick homes can be a daunting decision that just may lie simply in the preference of the decider, depending upon, for one thing, which part of the country one resides.

The argument between which is more expensive rages on. It may depend, however, on nothing more than how close the buyer is to homes built with brick that has had to be trucked in from some faraway manufacturing plant or from one that does business nearby.

The same reasoning goes for the cost of stucco. Stucco manufacturing nearby decreases the cost of that material, just as it increases if the stucco must be shipped in from miles away (in some instances, from across the country.)

Some professionals maintain that brick is stronger than stucco, but if replacing rotted exterior walls, stucco can make just as viable a material as brick. And many people prefer the rustic appeal of stucco, so reminiscent of both southwest casual chic or the romantic Tuscan touch of country homes of that region over that of staidly traditional brick.

Stucco veneziano
(Venetian stucco), an indoor treatment using stucco, makes an ideal method of carrying over the outside decor theme of stucco to the indoors. In a beautifully decorative technique, this type of Italian plaster, originating from the traditional plaster creations of Venice dating back thousands of years, homeowners can take the interior decor of walls to a new level.

A polished plaster, stucco veneziano has lime and crushed marble as its base, with pigment added for any color desired. Easily burnished, this type of plaster can be made to look highly polished to a high-gloss sheen or smoothed only enough to produce an elegant, matte-like finish. Both finishes are appealingly smooth to the touch.

So whether you choose brick or stucco for the exterior of your home, take a few minutes to check further into Venetian stucco for the interior walls. It is just another example of history repeating itself; an ancient method of embellishment has come full circle and now stands beautifully as the newest thing in home decor.

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