Stucco Decorating Tips

Are you looking for stucco decorating tips? Stucco is a plaster like material that can be textured in a variety of ways, and can be used on the outside or the inside of your home. It lends itself well to a Spanish or Mediterranean look as well as looking appropriate in very old homes. The stucco itself can be made out a variety of materials, but sand and lime are common components. Read on for some stucco decorating tips.

Painted Stucco

For the first of the stucco decorating tips, remember that stucco can be painted any color. For interior walls, this means that you can recreate a colorful old-world look or a faded romantic look simply by the color of paint you choose.

Since the walls are textured, fancy painting techniques, such as sponging or ragging the paint, are really not necessary. Bright colors look great in a Mexican inspired kitchen. Hang a colorful serape on the wall and decorate with bold pottery and wrought iron accents.

Tuscan Design

Creating a Tuscan inspired environment is the next of the stucco decorating tips. To get this feeling you need to decorate with as many plants as you can get your hands on. Greenery should be everywhere.

Fruit is also an important element in the Tuscan room. Also, consider using a sunshine theme somewhere. Hang a large smiling brass sun on the wall, or use silk sunflowers in vases or strewn about the walls. Antiques fit well into the room with a Tuscan feel.

Basic Window Dressing

As far as stucco decorating tips for windows in a stuccoed room, the window dressings are best kept simple. A piece of lace, for instance, or an antique scarf can be casually attached to hang over the window. In fact, if the window is in such a place that privacy is not an issue, it can be effective to just have a vase of flowers or a potted plant sitting on the windowsill and use no window dressing at all.

Need more stucco decorating tips? Here is a way to paint your walls that will bring out and accentuate the elegant texture. Use a color wash by diluting paint instead of using it full strength. First, paint the walls with a flat basic paint to work as a primer coat. Now, add six parts water to one part latex paint. After taping and draping drop cloths anywhere you want to protect, you're ready to go.

Watercolored Stucco

"Water color" your walls with this diluted paint by dipping a sponge into it, squeezing it out a bit, and then making short overlapping strokes on the wall with the sponge. To create the water color look, change your stroke direction frequently.

Start at a lower corner and work toward the ceiling, covering small sections at a time. Stucco decorating tips should bring out the texture of the stucco, and this painting technique does exactly that.

If you're decorating a room with stucco walls and are looking for stucco decorating tips, you may be wondering what type of floor covering goes best with these earthy looking walls. One classic suggestion is to lay brick colored ceramic tile for an old-world look.

A painted concrete floor can look great, too. You can paint a faux ceramic tile design on your floor by using a pizza box as a paint template. Simply dip the box in the paint and stamp the squares one after another leaving a bit of a base color in between.

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