Submersible Pond Filter

Pressurized UV+Bio Pond FilterWhether you hired a Japanese landscaper to build an elegant stone koi pond in your garden, or hammered your own aquatic creation out of plywood and two by fours, you will need a submersible pond filter to keep your water fresh and pure.

There are several reasons why a submersible water filter is superior to other varieties; first of all, a submersible water filter does not detract from the beauty of your pond, and it does not create so many bubbles on the surface of the water that your fish and plants will be difficult to see.

There are two types of submersible water filters. Mechanical water filters remove algae and debris, and biological water filters break down toxins and amonia from fish waste and turn them into nitrates which are healthy for your fish and plants. A mechanical submersible water filter is a good choice if you pond is not already murky and full of debris. If you have fish, you must purchase a biological submersible water filter, or your fish might die of ammonia poisoning. Many submersible filters contain both features for optimal performance.

Filter Sizing

You can find a submersible water filter that is right for your pond, according to its size and what kind of fish or plant life is inhabiting your pond. A medium-sized submersible pond filter is appropriate for a pond that contains 250 to 600 gallons, and it contains a pump with filter heads that can be replaced. For larger submersible pond filters, the pump and the filter exist as one unit.

Finally, if you have a very large pond with 1,000 gallons of water, you need the best quality submersible pond filter with both mechanical and biological filters and a coarse polyester carbon chemical filtration system.

Your submersible pond filter needs regular maintenance to ensure that it is working properly. If you notice more debris in your pond, you will know that your pond filter needs to be serviced, but you should also check your submersible pond filter regularly before it needs repair, since a poorly working filter is dangerous for your fish. If you make sure your submersible pond filter is always in good working condition, it should filter your pond efficently for many years.

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