Sunroom Window Tinting

Sunrooms are wonderful to enjoy year round because you have the advantage of a porch area but it is enclosed with climate control. However, many homeowners have problems with the sun coming in through sunrooms. There are many advantages to sunroom window tinting that can benefit homeowners. Applying a window tint film over the windows in your sunroom will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors while benefitting from the tinting.

Reduces Fading

Sunrooms are a wonderful place to showcase furniture pieces and even artwork. However, continuous sun exposure can fade the material on furniture or even damage valuable artwork. In fact, some types of flooring will fade and have developed streak patterns from too much sun exposure.

Using a sunroom window tinting film over all or part of the windows in the sunroom will enable you to benefit from the reduction of fading of valuables in this area of your home.

Reduces Heat Build Up

Many people have trouble enjoying their sunrooms during the warm months because it never seems to feel as cool as the rest of the house. Many people complain that their utility bills are higher because of their sunrooms.

Instead of covering the windows with heavy drapes the use of window tints will reduce the amount of heat that builds up in this area of the home. Energy bills will be reduced and you can be comfortable year round while enjoying the great outdoors from inside your home.

Reduces Glare

Have you ever tried to sit in your sunroom and watch television in the middle of the day to have the glare from the sun cast on the television set? This can be extremely annoying when trying to view your favorite shows. Additionally, sometimes the angle of the sun can affect the amount of glare that reflects off of computer monitor screens or laptop screens.

The solution for the glare problem is tinting all or a portion of the windows in the sunroom area to reduce glare problems. With a light tint you will still be able to see outdoors without having activities interrupted from glare.

Security Tinted Film

If you have valuables in your sunroom the option of security tinted film is available for you. This film is lightly tinted to prevent the sun exposure problems but it is treated with a special chemical to make it security enhanced. The film is shatterproof and can withstand extreme blows.

This will reduce the chances of thieves breaking the glass in your sunroom to grab valuables and run. They are more likely to end up with a broken hand or wrist instead of your pieces of treasured family china or valuable souvenirs you bought while on a vacation abroad.

Increased Privacy

One tremendous benefit to sunroom window tinting is the increased privacy. You can lightly tint to darkly tint the windows in the sunroom to create a stronger sense of privacy. The amount that neighbors or other people on the street can see into your home will be reduced. This will also provide additional security for your home. You can dress the windows with balloon valences to liven up the area and match your sunroom décor without having to cover the entire window for privacy all of the time.