Swimming Pool Safety Fences

If you have small children or pets and have a pool in your yard, you probably have heard of swimming pool safety fences. However, even people who do not have toddlers or own a dog may want to take a look at swimming pool safety fences, since having an unfenced pool is a liability issue and could raise your home insurance premiums.

Swimming pool safety fences do not have to be unattractive. These fences are available in a range of fencing materials and can even provide much needed privacy for people who live in a development or have homes situated in high traffic areas, such as a street corner.

One of the most popular types of swimming pool safety fences is the chain link fence. This fencing material comes in different heights, so be sure you shop for fencing that is at least four feet, and ideally six feet, high. After all, there is no sense in installing a fence that is too short to keep people and animals out.

Since this type of fence must be properly stretched and then secured to metal posts that are cemented into the ground, you may want to hire a professional to complete the installation for you.

Privacy Fences

Privacy swimming pool safety fences are also a popular choice. This fencing is high enough to keep young children from scaling it, since it is at least six feet high. The fence panels actually help keep the pool area warmer, as well, since they are solid and can block wind. If you install your fencing yourself, be sure that you use a gate latch that can be opened from both sides, but is able to be padlocked shut when you are not in the pool area.

Finally, while many people like picket fence and split rail fence styles, they may not make the best swimming pool safety fences. These fence styles are usually on the short side and are easy for children to climb or for dogs to jump over. If you decide to use a picket or split rail fence around your pool, look for fencing that is taller than average or line the inside of the fence with wire mesh that is at least four and a half feet high.