Table Saw Rip Fence

For those of you that do not know a rip fence is an attachment to a table saw. Table saws have this guide running from the front of the table to the back of the table, running parallel to the cutting edge of the blade. It is used to guide the wood through the cut for the entire length of the board.

Many table saws that you can find on the market have a 30 or 50 inch rip fence capacity, although rip fences can be found in many other sizes ranging from 26 inches to 122 inches. This article will go over a few factors that you should consider when selecting the rip fence capacity for your table saw.

Is a 30 Enough

This is a common and very versatile size rip fence. Most projects around the home do not call for one over the 30” inch size. Chances are that even if a job requires a 30” + rip, the same outcome can be achieved by ‘ripping’ the other side. If you made a 8” inch rip off the other side of a piece of plywood that required a 40” rip cut, you could still get the same desired effect.

Is 50 Better

One way of making this decision is by looking at the area your table saw is used most in. If you have the space why not get the bigger one? There are a few reasons that you may need the larger size rip, for example if a router insert was placed on the right side of your table.

The larger rip fence would ensure that there was no disturbance with the router fence position. Another possible reason could be potential resale value. A larger rip saw could bring in more cash from buyers later on.

Where to Get a Rip Fence

Rip fences often come with the table saw you purchased, however in the event that you find yourself in the market for a new or larger one you can find them at most home improvement centers like Lowe’s or Home Depot.