Table Saw Safety

As with any power tool the operator should be well versed in its use and safety procedures before attempting to use it. The operator should begin by checking these points:

    • Blade tightness

    • Double check the location of the off switch (in case of emergency)

    • Ensure the fence is set securely (if you are using a fence)

    • Alignment of the miter slot to fence, blade to miter etc.

    • The table area should be completely clear of all debris

    • Anti-kick back devices have been installed properly

    • Check the hood guard to ensure it is secure

    • Blade height should be set so that the teeth are less than ¼ of an inch above the wood

    • Push sticks and shoes are secure (this will help keep your figures safe)

    • Proper clothing and safety gear should also be checked

Proper Clothing and Safety Gear

The operator needs to wear the proper eye protection/ glasses (In case of cutting materials that may shred or shard, a face shield should also be worn), as well as ear protection; such as ear plugs or ear phones.

Pay close attention to your sleeves or other loose hanging articles of clothing as they can be a safety hazard.

A Quick Note

Remember that safety should always come first when operating a piece of machinery both for the operator and those in the area. Better safe than sorry!

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