Table Saw Stand

If you have a table saw, and particularly if you have a table top table saw, you must have a table saw stand. Of course you can do all your cutting on the floor but that will become old hat in just about five minutes. The easy solution is to get your self a table saw stand.

There are two types of table saw stands. The first type is the home-made model and this is the best if you use your table saw a lot and work it hard. Basically you are building a surface for your table saw to reside on. You can provide holes in the top to secure the saw during vigorous work and you can equip it with drawers to keep all your associated tools handy.

A Homemade Table Saw Stand

There are many reasons to build your own stand. The first is the economy of it. Secondly, you can incorporate the features that matter most to you while eliminating the ones you don't want or need. One feature that is useful to incorporate in a homemade stand is lockable casters so that you can easily move and store your saw.

If you decide to go the commercial route, you'll find a lot of off-the-shelf table saw stands. Every tool company sells one and a multitude of third party providers do as well. A search over the Internet or through your local home improvement store will give you an array of options.

What to Look For in a Table Saw Stand

The first thing you need in a table saw stand is stability. When you are running your table saw the last thing you want it to do is make enough vibration to spoil your cut or to start walking away from you.

This is why stands will be made from cast iron or some other heavy alloy. The base will be wide enough to distribute the weight of both the saw and the stock you are working with.

Price is always a consideration with these purchases. You don't want to buy so cheap that you are getting junk but on the other end there are “designer” items that will have you paying for the label as well as the product.

A good stand will incorporate a way to minimize or reduce vibration. This might be rubber do-nuts, feet, or some sort of spring assembly. If you find a stand you like that does not have this feature you can add it yourself at a minimal cost.


There are a number of accessories for a table saw stand that will make your work easier and more convenient. For example, consider the out feed table. This will allow you to work with wider pieces of stock by effectively increasing the area of your table .If you are cutting things such as sheets of plywood, you know how important this can be to keep the stock fro binding when it becomes unstable.

A table saw support wing will also help you in these cases.

Whatever you decide fits you best, at one point or another you will need a stand to complete a project. If you have already got one you are ahead of the game.