Taking Down Miniblinds

A majority of the homes across the nation now have miniblinds for the window covering for many of the windows of the home. Miniblinds are easy to open and close and are very effective at blocking the view inside the home from the street, but many people are clueless when it comes to taking down miniblinds.

Taking down miniblinds can usually be accomplished in a matter of minutes, but if you do not know the tricks to taking them down, you could end up frustrated with broken miniblinds.

Miniblinds With Snap Brackets

Many of the miniblinds used in homes today are placed into snap brackets to be held into place. These snap brackets are placed on either side of the window frame and screwed into place securely using the hardware that was included in the miniblind set.

The miniblinds are then placed into the snap brackets by sliding them in the front of the brackets all the way to the back of the bracket and the sliding snaps are slid into the slots on the front of the snap bracket, locking the miniblinds into place.

In order to remove the miniblinds from the snap brackets without damaging the miniblinds, they should first be raised to the top of the miniblinds and locked into place.

Then the sliding snaps should be removed from the front of the snap brackets by sliding them away from the window frame and out of the bracket. This can be difficult in some cases, especially if the miniblinds have been up for a long period of time. A pair of pliers can be used to grip the sliding snaps and gently pull the snaps out of the snap bracket.

After the sliding snaps on both sides of the snap bracket have been removed, it should be easy to simply lift the miniblinds out of the brackets by sliding them out of the open front area.

If you are taking down miniblinds to clean them, then after cleaning the miniblinds, they can be replaced in the brackets. If you are taking down miniblinds to replace them, then after the miniblinds have been removed, the screws can be removed from the snap brackets to remove them from the window frame as well.

Miniblinds With Center Support Brackets

Some miniblinds that are considered very long, over 58 inches, may have center support brackets also holding the miniblinds in place to add extra support and stability to the blinds. These brackets will be spaced evenly along the length of the miniblinds at regular intervals to provide support to the entire miniblinds system. Attempting to take down miniblinds without first taking care of the center support brackets will result in broken miniblinds.

The center support brackets often work the same way as the snap brackets detailed above, except that the sliding piece is not up against the wall. It is important to determine which way the sliding piece should go before attempting to remove it as forcing the sliding piece to go in the wrong direction could break the center support bracket.

The sliding piece should be removed from each center support bracket that is holding the miniblinds before you attempt to remove the miniblinds from the brackets. It is often easy to miss one because they are typically the same color and shade as the headrail of the miniblinds so it is important to double check that all of them are open before attempting to remove the miniblinds.