Granite, Marble Countertops

Among the many people who choose to construct their kitchen counters from granite, marble countertops are often ruled out of the decision process quite early. However, picking the right material for your kitchen countertops is a crucial element of designing a cooking space that you will want to spend time in for years to come, so it is a good idea to give serious consideration to marble before you opt for granite. For fans of granite, marble countertops are well worth giving a second look to before you make your final decision.

Glass Kitchen Countertops

Glass kitchen countertops can give your kitchen a unique and modern look. This non-traditional design element can help your cooking space stand out, as glass kitchen countertops provide a dramatic decorative dimension to your home's interior. The elegant glow of glass adds light and sophistication to a kitchen of any size.

As a decorative medium, glass has a number of advantages, and this material's style is equaled only by its practicality. Glass is not porous, so it does not absorb odors or materials, making it a snap to care for. Glass kitchen countertops are easy to clean, and they can be made to sparkle with a simple sweep of a sponge or paper towel.

Formica Laminate Countertop

Installing a formica laminate countertop can be a great weekend project for someone who has a bit of carpentry experience, a basic tool set, and a desire to transform a kitchen or bathroom area into a shining example of contemporary design. The convenience of having a Formica laminate countertop can turn a messy kitchen into a pristine cooking space, and the sleek durability of this material can give a dingy bathroom an exciting new look that will continue to feel fresh for quite some time.

Inexpensive Upgrade

Engineered Stone Countertops

Engineered stone countertops can give you the luxurious and elegant look and feel of stone without many of the disadvantages of a pure rock surface like slate or granite. Unlike most natural rock, engineered stone countertops are extremely resistant to wear and tear. This means that engineered stone countertops will not show the scratches, chips, cracks, or surface blemishes that a natural stone surface is likely to accumulate over time.

Saves Money Over Natural Stone

Cultured Marble Vanity Countertops

Cultured marble vanity countertops are the pinnacle of luxury in home design. If you want to transform your bathroom space into a private oasis with the atmosphere of an upscale spa, cultured marble vanity countertops can give you the peaceful and opulent feeling you are looking for. Although not everyone can afford to make cultured marble vanity countertops a feature of their interior design, if this option is within your budgetary restrictions, you may discover that the look and feel of this unique material is well worth the splurge.