Granite Countertop Repairs

Believe it or not, despite being incredibly strong and durable, you might need to make granite countertop repairs at some time in the future - if you have a granite countertop fitted in your home.

Granite countertops do look stunning - but they are also expensive compared to many other materials. So being able to make a good DIY repair to a granite countertop could save you a lot of money; compared to the cost of replacing a damaged one with a new granite countertop.

Cracks or Broken Edges

Leveling Countertop

Fitting and leveling a countertop has several aspects to it and can vary according to the material that your countertop is made from. However, as a rule of thumb: First, make sure that the cabinets, framework or brackets on to which the counter top will sit are all the same height and level.

Second, if your countertop isn’t one continuous piece of material - pay special attention to any joints in the countertop.

Glass Counters for Kitchens

Having a glass counter in your kitchen is one way that you can make your kitchen look really special and different. Glass kitchen counters have a character and look all of their own and are still a relatively new feature to have, when installing a new kitchen or giving a kitchen a make-over. What’s more they’re incredibly tough and heat resistant as well as being available in a range of colors.

Technical Information

Concrete Overlays for Kitchen Countertops

These days, more and more people are looking at getting overlays for kitchen countertops. The reason is quite simple; since the collapse of the subprime mortgage market, people are either staying put in their homes or they need to dress them up to increase their chances of making a sale, or to feel happy staying put in their old place.

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Working with Paperstone Countertops

Paperstone countertops are a new kind of home renovation product in the eco-friendly revolution. As more suppliers realize the benefits of creating building supplies that conform to environmentally friendly standards, these products have begun to decrease in price while increasing in popularity.

Paperstone countertops are the most durable, eco-friendly, and cost effective countertops in the world – and they’re user friendly too. Made from 100% post-consumer recycled waste paper, these countertops come in a multitude of shades and textures, brought to life by a water-based and petroleum free resin. THose are the only two components used to manufacture it.