Replacing Countertops

Countertop replacement in a KitchenWhen you decide to follow your dream of a perfect kitchen by replacing countertops; you need to choose the color, material and style that you want your kitchen to look like when it’s done. Once you know what look you're after, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get down to it.

Follow these Steps

• The first thing you really need to do is to protect any surfaces you want to keep the way they are. Put dust sheets over floors and any surrounding areas.

Contemporary Countertops for Kitchens

Marble Countertop KitchenIf you are selling your home, one of the first rooms a potential buyer is going to look at is the kitchen. This is because it is the one room where you are going to leave most of your personality behind. This includes appliances, flooring, window treatments, and of course, the kitchen cabinets.

The Slate Kitchen Countertop

Slate is one material that offers style and beauty when it comes to your kitchen countertop, it can be used with almost any style of kitchen from contemporary to traditional. It is less costly than marble and it is generally hardwearing which means it is can stand the rigours of the toughest chef, although the softer slate can be scratch prone.

Choices for Countertop Edge Styles

Along with the huge choice of countertops for the kitchen you can also choose from a variety of countertop edge styles to show your new tops and kitchen off to its best advantage. There are several designs to choose from when it comes to the edging and which is best for you will depend on your preference and also to some extent the colour and style of your chosen countertop.

Installing Laminated Countertop

Laminated countertops are without a doubt the most popular in today's kitchens. They might not have all the flash and high price of marble or granite countertops, but they are affordable, easy to maintain, durable, and are available in a number of colors and patterns. And, installing a laminated countertop is not rocket science.