How to Paint Countertops That Are Laminated

Are you tired of those worn-looking countertops but the budget just cannot take the strain of replacing them? Before you go on a bean-and-wiener diet in order to save up for the granite, slate, or marble countertops of your dreams, consider painting the laminated counters you now have. Painting them is a viable and far less expensive solution that can conclude with excellent results if you follow these step-by-step instructions.

How to Clean & Prime

Countertop Refacing Choices

So you've grown weary of looking at those 10-year-old coffee mug stains and the not-so-attractive stripes hashed into the laminate from chopping food without a cutting board and now you're in the market for some countertop refacing. Just what options do you have? You've heard of several, but really don't know much about any of them.

Well, we've gathered together a list of some of the most popular materials homeowners and kitchen redecorators are using to redo tired, worn-out-looking counters. Take a look; you just may discover just what you want right here on the Net without even having to venture out your door.

Ceramic Tile

Retile Kitchen Counter- Think Twice First

Tiled kitchen counters are fantastic, but wear-and-tear take their toll and may leave your countertop needing freshening up. Contractors will be more than happy to take on the job of retiling your kitchen counter, but there are options for the homeowner who wants to avoid spending money.

Cleaning the Grout

Instead of learning about how to retile kitchen counter, you now need to find out how to clean grout. Invest in a powerful degreaser and a good, stiff-bristle brush. Give the grout a good dose of the degreaser, using a spray bottle to help you direct the jet of solvent. All that is left to do is scrub hard and long to remove dirt and stains.

Make A Tiled Countertop

make a tile counter topIf you want to make a tiled countertop, you will find that it's not a hard task at all. All you will need are a few tools and a little knowledge. You'll find the knowledge on how to make a tiled countertop here, and you probably already have most of the tools needed.

If you are replacing an old countertop, you will first want to remove the sink, stove and refrigerator if they are attached to the current countertop. You can then make a tiled countertop to replace the old one.

Preparing The Plywood

Install Tile Countertops like a Pro

It's easy to install tile countertops like the professionals do. To begin, remove all trim from around your current countertop. You will use your current countertop for the base, and will reapply the trim once you complete the task of installing the tile countertop.

Remove the laminate from the countertop and sand to a smooth finish. If there are cracks in the countertop, repair them using wood glue. Sand until the glue is even with the countertop.