Basement Subfloor Step by Step

basement subfloor with plywood inIf you plan on installing a ceramic or vinyl tile floor, a basement floor is optional. But if you want laminate, hardwood, parquet, cork, carpeting, or bamboo or flooring in your finished basement, you’ll want to lay down a basement subfloor. This ensures protection of your floors against moisture damage. It also makes for a warmer and more comfortable floor.

Unfinished Basement Ideas For Decorating

decorated unfinished basementThere is nothing worse than starting to renovate a room and running out of ideas when it comes to the décor. Having plans for that particular room is all well and good but no room is complete until the finishing touches have been added to it. You have a chance to do something creative with a blank canvas so do not waste it.

Having an unfinished basement and ideas for decorating is a prime and popular example because so many people are resolving to turn their empty space into a feature of the house. There is more than enough scope for creativity in that particular space so take the opportunity with some of the ideas below.

Sealing Basement Concrete

The basement of any house is perhaps the most vulnerable to damaging and degrading damp. This is usually a direct result of neglect when building the house and then continuing to neglect it afterwards too. There are techniques that can be used to combat the effects of damp and make the basement into a viable room to spend time in.

If your basement shows signs of damp then it needs attention before you remodel it. However, even if it doesn’t, sealing basement concrete is always a good precaution to take to prevent it happening in the future.

Why Seal Basement Concrete?

Basement Water Sealer

Remodelling your basement can free up a wealth of space for storage, relaxation or work, depending on your lifestyle and what your plans for your home may be. Whatever you decide to use it for, a well-kept basement can be a valuable asset for both yourself and the value of your home. However, it will only stay a valuable space if you waterproof the materials in it first with basement water sealer.

Basement Finishing On A Budget

Redecorating your home can be a costly pastime, even if it is only painting or repapering the walls. However, if you choose to renovate a whole room or even use an empty space to create something from scratch it can seriously eat into your savings. The key to these types of alterations is sticking to a tight budget and designating a set amount for each element of the work.

If it means finishing the job or leaving a task half done, then that will motivate you to keep well within your means. Basement finishing on a budget is just one example of the kind of work mentions, and this is your guide to finishing the job and remaining in the black.

First Things First