Grouting A Bathroom Shower

Some homeowners take on the task of grouting a bathroom shower because they are remodeling their bathroom while others notice that the grouting in the shower is old and needs to be replaced.

Floating Basement Walls

Until recently, many individuals did not know that floating basement walls existed, much less how to install them in their home. Floating basement walls are typically used when there is a possibility of the floor of the basement moving or shifting because these types of walls are able to withstand the damage that can be caused by the shifting of the floor.

Floating basement walls are not difficult to install if the homeowner has some basic knowledge of carpentry and knows how to use some common household tools.

Painting Basement Walls

Depending on the finish of the basement walls; any regular or masonry paint can be used if you need to set about painting basement walls. However, if you are painting the masonry of a basement wall you might as well add a layer of waterproofing to the basement walls - by using a specialized vapor barrier paint. Modern vapor barrier paints are available in arrange of both bright and pastel colors.

Preparing the Basement Walls

Building Basement Steps

When building basement steps you need to take into account the uses to which you’re going to put the basement. If it’s to become part of the living area of your home then it would be appropriate to build steps incorporating materials that will fit in with the general décor of the basement.

Building Basement Storage Shelves

Building basement storage shelves will not only result in a tidier basement but will inevitably mean that you can also find things a lot more easily in your basement. An advantage of building your own basement storage shelf arrangement is that you can have a variety of shelf lengths, widths and depths according to the things you want to store.

The following all require drilling into walls - before drilling into a wall make sure there are no service conduits behind where you’ll be drilling.