Basement Storm Drainage Solutions

If you’ve got basement dampness, or even worse, standing water in your basement it could be because your storm drainage system doesn’t move storm water away from your basement effectively enough. So, you might need to determine what basement storm drainage solutions are available and which one will best serve you.

Exterior Basement Insulation

If your remodeled basement isn’t already insulated then you really should consider insulating it in order to save on energy bills in your home, the same can also be true of simply improving the insulation in your basement. The cost of efficiently insulating the basement will be paid back within a few years, due to savings on your energy bills.

DIY Basement Crack Repair

If you should see a crack in your basement floor, walls or ceiling; the understandable reaction is to set about repairing it. However, before setting about doing a DIY basement crack repair you might want to establish how serious the crack is.

A crack that appears in your basement could just be due to something heavy being dropped on the basement floor or shrinkage due to drying out of some plaster-work. Unfortunately it could also be symptomatic of something more serious and require monitoring before repairing.

Causes of Basement Cracks

Basement Ceiling Lighting

You can, of course, install any type of ceiling lighting you want into your basement. However, the basement ceiling lighting you decide to use will be influenced by a variety of factors, of which the following three are quite important:

  • Whether there is already any existing lighting in the basement
  • Whether you want to simply replace an existing light
  • What you use your basement for.

As each of these scenarios throw up there own challenges we’ll investigate each one separately.

DIY Home Theater Basement

Home Theater Design IdeasMore and more renovated homes are reclaiming their basements. The room in the home that has traditionally been used as a laundry room, storage room or workshop space now has a modern purpose; the home theater room. A DIY home theater is the perfect solution to an old problem – where can the latest technology- be it a Victrola grammophone or a high definition plasma TV screen- be placed in the home without causing noise and distractions, while at the same time incorporating personal space. The basement is the answer, but there are a few things to look out for and consider.

Factors to Consider