Basement Stair Storage Ideas

If you’ve got a basement you could be using it as a utility room, a games room or possibly even an extra bed-room or living room. Which ever one you’re currently using it for, from time to time almost inevitably it’s tempting to dump things in it, even if just temporarily until they can be put away properly. Providing you haven’t got a solid concrete staircase to your basement, here are some basement stair storage ideas that can help you keep the basement looking tidier and less like a dump.

Drawers in the Stairs

Best Basement Subfloor

A basement can be a wonderful area of your home to enjoy year round. There are so many things that you can do with a basement area. One difficulty though for a basement is moisture buildup. Moisture from the basement area can creep up inside the walls and under the flooring to create mold and mildew problems throughout your home. The best basement subfloor is concrete because this will block the amount of moisture that collects in the basement area. Your home will have less humidity and problems associated with humidity.

Moisture Barrier

Basement Apartment Ideas

A basement apartment is a wonderful transformation to any home. There are some very affordable ways that you can transform a basement into a cozy and inviting apartment living area. When transforming a basement area to an apartment it is important to keep a few decorating tips in mind to create the ideal apartment living space.

Color Adds to the Area

Paneling on Basement Walls

Why not take advantage of all that wasted space down in the basement? It could be turned into a family room, a game room, guest quarters, of even an apartment space to rent out.

But to make any of this happen, the space has to be finished out. A floor covering such as ceramic tile, carpet, or laminate flooring will have to be installed. The walls will need to be finished, either with drywall or by installing paneling on basement walls. If it is in the budget, why not put a small bathroom down there?

Waterproof the Basement Walls First

Filling Cracks in a Basement Floor

Basements can be problematic for the homeowner. Cracks and holes in the basement floor and walls allow water and even sewage to seep into the home. In this way the home is subjected to health risks. To nip this in the bud, and prior to waterproofing, the homeowner needs to thoroughly understand the concept of filling cracks in the basement floor.