Patching a Basement Floor

So you have decided to get your house in order and need to know how to go about patching a basement floor? Read on and we will whip that floor into shape. Your basement floor is concrete and somehow it has cracked or been impacted and there are broken chunks. Let’s fix that floor and eliminate the tripping hazards.

Don your safety glasses, gloves, dust mask, and kneepads. Now get busy using your awl to scrape and probe the damaged area. A pointed mortar trowel comes in handy here as well. Be sure to take out any loose pieces that you find.

Basement Ventilation Systems

There are several reasons that you might be in need of a basement ventilation system. Much of the reasoning is determined by what your basement is used for. If you are only using your basement for storage, you might not be interested is heating and cooling functionality.

In this case you only really need to circulate the air and remove excess humidity. If this sounds like you, your case is simplified and all you need is ductwork, a few exhaust grills, and an exhaust fan. Air is generally exhausted through the roof or on the side of the house.

Basement Remodeling

basement being remodeledThe key part of basement remodeling happens before you ever even touch a tool. I’m talking about design of course. What you intend to use your basement for will move your design ideas in the right direction. A great method is to brainstorm with your spouse and kids with notebook and pencil in hand. Throw out the ideas willy-nilly and discuss them.

Are you going to use the basement as a home office? Plan on internet, phone, and fax connections. Will it be a game room, family room, or something along that line? You will probably want plumbing for a wet bar and cable or satellite TV connections.


Sealing Basement Cracks

There are many reasons why your basement would have cracks developing. It’s most common to find hairline cracks about one month after construction finishes and then into the first year, foundation cracks will likely begin to appear.

These are typical and mean very little – if anything – to the structural integrity of the building. There can however be some problems with water leakage. Sealing basement cracks is about preventing water damage that can compromise the construction so it’s always wise to address them before they allow this damage to occur.

Vertical Cracks

Making Your Own Basement Molding

Decorating the basement of your home is extremely popular these days and it is no wonder that people are making the most of their own living space when you look at the stresses and strains of every day life.

If you have a basement then it may provide you with a safe haven to visit at the end of every stressful day at work. If that is the case then you should decorate it in the style that you see fit, one that would relax and soothe you. However, you may well want to think about adding a little something to the walls to give them a little life. Making your own basement molding is the perfect way to do that.

What Is Basement Molding