How to Replace an Entry Door

Learning how to replace a door opens a whole new window of opportunity for a do-it-yourselfer. A new door can change the style of a room or brighten up the exterior of a house. In addition, a new door with a better seal can help prevent drafts and improve heating bills.

There are three types of doors: entry doors, interior doors, and combination storm/screen doors. The five steps below describe the technique for replacing an entry door. If you can master replacement of an entry door, replacing most interior doors is actually a simplified version of that process, as the locks are typically simpler or nonexistent.

How to Plant a Rose Bush in your Garden

Poets and lovers have sung their praises for centuries, and now you too have decided to proclaim your love for roses by planting a rose bush in your garden. You've heard the names of strange-sounding diseases that afflict rose bushes, and all the complicated pruning methods -it all sounds so complicated! Fear not. Planting a rose bush in your garden is not nearly as difficult as you imagine. Follow these simple guidelines to plant a rose bush that will lend unmistakable beauty to your garden.

Before You Plant

How to Repair a Vacuum Cleaner

Does your vacuum cleaner still run but leaves dust and dirt on the floor? Then you may be able to fix it yourself. The problem should be either the drive belt, or some obstruction. If the brush slips or won't turn when the motor is on, the belt is worn or broken and must be replaced. Now put your hand over the vacuum hose end and turn on the cleaner- is the suction feeble? Most likely some part inside your vacuum cleaner is blocked.

Fixing a Drive Belt