5 Easy Slipcovers Tips

Picture of Red Sofa in SunlightSlipcovers are a simple and inexpensive way to change the look of your home decor and by following a few simple slipcovers tips, you can easily choose the slipcovers that are right for your needs. Instead of having to purchase new furniture to match a new idea for your home design, a slipcover can be purchased or created to fit over your sofa securely, completely changing the look of the furniture. Slipcovers can make old furniture look new and cover any damage that has occurred to the furniture that makes the furniture look unappealing.

Installing a Dish Antenna

dish antennaThese days, everybody seems to have satellite television. Not only is the choice of TV programs much better via satellite, but the quality of the picture and sound is also a major improvement on what is to be expected via cable or terrestrial TV. If you enjoy DIY and want satellite TV in your home then you can look to install your own dish antenna. It is not a difficult process and will take no more than three hours as long as follow the instructions below.

The Installation Process

Installing a dish antenna is not complex, but make sure that you follow the ensuing steps one by one in order to get it right first time.

How to Build Concrete Stairs without a Contractor

Basement Concrete StairsLearning how to build concrete stairs is definitely one of the more challenging home improvement projects, but well worth attempting.

If you have ever tried to climb concrete stairs that are uneven, cracked or falling apart because they were poorly built, then you understand why building them right the first time is important.

These general directions are for concrete porch steps, a good starter project for someone who has never worked with concrete.

Measuring the Steps

How to Build Stair Stringers

The construction of the simplest type of staircase develops from two pieces of wood that slope between one floor and another. These two pieces of wood are known as stringers and the steps (horizontal treads) and risers (vertical faces) are fitted onto them.

There are two basic ways of constructing a staircase with stringers - ‘open-string’ and ‘closed-string’. If a closed string staircase is used at least one side of the staircase is secured to a wall. This article will help you through the process of how to build stair stringers, regardless of which type of stringer you require and presumes you’re building your staircase out of wood.

Choosing the Wood

How to Cut Plexiglas- Advice and Tips

Starting off with the right tools is essential if you want to be successful on any DIY project and this is one of the best tips you can follow on how to cut Plexiglas. In order to produce a smooth edge and to keep chipping down to a minimum the ideal tool is the carbide tipped triple chip saw blade however you can also use a router, however if choosing this option then it should be at least 1.5 HP and it should also have changeable collets.

While these are two of the most popular options there are others which will be looked at.