How to Remove Carpet Stain

No matter how careful you try to be, if you live in your home – as opposed to treating it like a museum – eventually, something is going to take a tumble and stain your carpet. The good news is that if you act fast, you should be able to clean things up without a problem and avoid a permanent rainbow assortment of various shades on your living room carpet!

Do It Yourself Backsplash

To put in a new backsplash you will need to decide just which type you want. There is no need to put up any kind of backboard for this. Most home improvement stores sell prefabricated sheets of backsplash that look like everything from rock, tile to brick. These sheets are fairly simple to place on any wall.

If you choose to use these prefab sheets be sure to pick up some adhesive to bind it to your wall surface and caulking for the edges. Cut your prefab sheet to the dimensions of your wall, mix and spread your adhesive to the wall surface and place the backsplash. Allow it to dry to the manufactures instructions.

Tile Backsplash

Remove Popcorn Ceiling

In the 1970's, spray finished ceilings became very popular since building contractors realized large savings by spraying the ceilings with a bumpy texture dubbed as "popcorn" texture. Nowadays, it has lost its old popularity and many homeowners want to remove their popcorn ceiling texture. Builders have been returning to traditional ceilings and DIYers are searching for the steps for their removing the popcorn project.

Check for Asbestos First

Easy Way to Remove Wallpaper

Planning to redecorate your house? You have always tried to give it a new look by swapping your furniture here and there, but this time you want to add to totally different spice. The best thing for you to do then is to change your paint or the wallpaper. It is not as difficult to remove old wallpapers from the wall, but the job can get terribly messy as it progresses. If you are looking for an easy way to remove wallpaper the tips mentioned below are a must see for you.

The tips and Tricks

You can either peel your wallpaper off carefully by finding a seam at the sides. If you pull gently, the vinyl coating and the backing with come off leaving only the paste and some residue on the wall.

Knock Down Texturing- How to Apply

If you’re looking for a creative way to give your living room or dining room some extra depth and dimension, a knock down texturing finish is a great way to liven things up. Not only will it add aesthetic appeal, but it will also give a more 3-D appearance to the room.

Before you start the project however, be forewarned that knock down texturing works best in larger spaces, and especially in those rooms where dirt and grime are less likely to accumulate.

Garages aren’t a good idea, but any kind of sitting room or your bedroom would make an excellent choice. Steer away from placing knock down in hallways though – the depth of the wall can actually make small spaces feel smaller.