How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Cleaning Vinyl SidingMany homeowners that change the exterior covering of their house often consider the care and maintenance that will be required for upkeep, when making the decision of what type of covering to choose. Wood siding requires staining and weatherproofing to prevent graying and rot, brick or stone is low maintenance but very expensive, and vinyl siding is often the most popular choice for houses, being cost-effective and easy to care for. The problem is that most people think no maintenance at all is required for vinyl siding. Not true.

How To Design And Make Coffered Ceilings For Your Home

double coffered ceiling in a dining room (c) 2006 Learning how to make coffered ceilings is not hard; anyone that can use a hammer and operate a saw can do this. You can design an elaborate ceiling for your den or a simple ceiling for your bath. Below, you will find information on how to make coffered ceilings efficiently, easily and affordably.

Hammering Your Own Copper Backsplash

copper backsplashYou can hammer your own copper backsplash without using torches or heat. All you will need is a sheet of plywood, some towels, a ball peen hammer and a sheet of 24-gauge copper. You should get a sheet of copper that is at least a foot larger on each side than the area that you wish to cover with the copper backsplash, because the metal will withdraw a bit as you hammer it.

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repair

Vacuum cleaners may be the items that break the most often in a home, due to the heavy use of the machines and their many moving parts. A vacuum that is losing suction or is no longer sucking at all may have a problem with its main hose. Vacuum cleaner hose repair is something that anyone can perform at home, and it is much easier than buying a replacement vacuum. Vacuum cleaner hose repair can be done in many ways and to fix many different types of problems.

DIY Reglazing

One thing that most homeowners will need to do from time to time is to reglaze a bathtub, sink, or toilet. DIY reglazing is much less costly than hiring a professional and the results can be just as pleasing.

Reglazing a bathtub is one of the more common uses for this skill, and DIY reglazing will save a bathtub from needing to be replaced, which can be extremely costly. Reglazing a tub to cover any stains or chips can also add value to a home.

Setting Up