Window Cleaning In A Brand New Home

Few things let down the appearance of a house more than dirty windows. Whether you're on the outside looking in, or the inside looking out, cloudy, dusty, grimy panes do nothing for a home's good looks. Window cleaning is an essential part of housekeeping and there is a definite satisfaction that can be attained from keeping the job up to date.

Also, when moving into a brand new home, window cleaning may or may not have been done by the builder, but if it's been left to you, the best way to handle it is to do it before you move in. That way, there's no furniture in your way and it can be finished before you tackle the job of unpacking all those boxes and rearranging all your personal effects.

The Contractor's Part

Buy Skylights Online

If you can't find what you're looking for in the way of skylights at your local home improvement store, then you might want to check out how easy it is to buy skylights online. You might also be surprised at the many different manufacturers as well as the great array of skylight selections offered.

Retractable Window Screens

Retractable window screens are a dream solution for keeping insects out, if your windows are not the sliding kind. Having windows that open outwards presents a multitude of problems where insect control is concerned but retractable window screens not only solve the critter quandary, they do it discreetly and neatly!

Andersen Replacement Windows

Your home is a beautiful reflection of your personality your style, tastes, and decor. However, many times it is necessary to give our homes a new fresh look that is a better representation of our changing and growing tastes.

Anderson replacement windows are a wonderful way to change the windows of your home and give your home a new look. You can get a free consultation with an Anderson replacement windows representative who can give you an estimate over the entire process, cost, and finished product for your windows.

Anderson Replacement Windows: Energy Efficient

Hurricane Window Film

According to the U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, winds more than 50 miles per hour are generally likely to cause window damage, mainly due to rocks, outdoor furniture, landscaping and other debris becoming airborne.

Is there such a thing as hurricane window film? Maybe you've seen advertisements touting these as a less costly replacement for storm windows or hurricane-resistant windows.