Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic look that has been around for many years. Years ago, about the only option for Venetian blinds was white metal with two inch slats and cotton cord controls. They looked businesslike and efficient, but hardly conducive to warm friendly interaction in the home.

Fast forward to the 21st century, though, and the choices in Venetian blinds are wide, varied, and definitely fashionable for the home. Venetian blinds can still be purchased with durable metal slats, but they are available in a large array of stylish colors now. Not only that, but Venetian blinds are also available in other materials and slat sizes.

Mini and Micro Blinds

Window Blinds for Privacy and Style

Window treatments are an important factor in decorating a room. When choosing just the right way to dress your windows, don't overlook the possibility of blinds.

Today's window blinds come in a wide array of styles for any decorating need. As well as lending a decorative air, blinds also protect the carpet and furnishings from UV sunlight and offer privacy. In addition to these benefits, window blinds can increase the energy efficiency of both the heating system and the air conditioning.

Horizontal Blinds

Vertical Blinds Inexpensive, Easy Covering for Large Windows

If you have a large sliding door with no window covering, the best option for window coverings is vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds, free hanging wide blinds that run floor to ceiling rather than horizontally, are a popular and usually economical solution to covering a hard-to-cover window. Experts also recommend vertical blinds, which are generally more durable than regular mini blinds, for high traffic areas with children and pets.

Vertical blinds block light efficiently and handle the job of insulating against heat and cold well.