Sunroom Window Tinting

Sunrooms are wonderful to enjoy year round because you have the advantage of a porch area but it is enclosed with climate control. However, many homeowners have problems with the sun coming in through sunrooms. There are many advantages to sunroom window tinting that can benefit homeowners. Applying a window tint film over the windows in your sunroom will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors while benefitting from the tinting.

Reduces Fading

Window Treatments and Tuscan Kitchens

The inspiration for the design of the Tuscan kitchen comes from the open and airy Mediterranean farm houses that are known for gathering good food and family around the same table.

Real Tuscan window treatments and Tuscan kitchens are wonderful together because they can be rustic and simplistic, yet warm and inviting. Any window treatments that are part of a Tuscan kitchen should reflect this spirit of old world charm and hospitality.


Window Accent Murals in your Home

Window Accent MuralsA mural is simply the name given to a picture that has been painted onto a wall. A window mural can best be described as a picture of a view through a window frame. Whilst the mural can be painted or transferred on to an actual window most times they are literally a picture that gives the impression of looking through a window and its frame. The French call this style “Trompe l’oeil”, which literally means “to fool the eye”. With window accent murals, even if you’re living in apartment in the middle of a city, you can have an apparent view of just about anything you want.

What Sort of Window Mural Views are Available?

Cleaning Storm Windows

Storm windows are wonderful at saving energy in your home throughout the entire year. Many people think about their storm windows during the cooler months of the year.

Typically, cleaning storm windows is done at the beginning of the cooler months. Did you know that you can clean your storm windows during the spring months? Here are some handy tips to help you with cleaning storm windows.

Plan Ahead

Levelor Mini-Blind Care Tips

Proper Levelor mini-blind care is essential to making them last and allowing them to offer a unique appearance for your home. If you have to replace mini-blinds you may be shocked to discover just how much they cost. The solution to this is to make sure you take good care of them.

Dusting Mini-Blinds

One of the most difficult feats for some people is finding an effective way to remove dust from their mini-blinds. They often make the mistake of taking them down and spraying them with a water house.