Insulated Window Treatments

Making your windows properly insulated can help in cutting down your electricity bills. Insulated window treatments help in controlling the temperature and the intensity of light in the house. It is common to find in most of the houses that the windows are not properly air sealed or the glass contained within the windows is not insulated.

Vinyl Replacement Window Measurement

You have some old windows. They are really old windows; Drafty, ugly awful old windows. Kids would throw rocks at them if they could stand to even look in their general direction. Now, they may not be that bad but to you they are. It is time to change them.

You have the money saved up. Saved up a lot in fact because you know the cost of replacing windows is extremely high due to estimates, contractors and labor. You know that even though your kids will not go to college now, they will have a great view from your new windows.

Sliding Door Window Treatments

sliding door paper screen windowLooking for sliding door window treatments, but don’t want to resort to the age-old classic of vertical blinds ? As all encompassing as they are, they’re not exactly the most wonderful things to look at. Fortunately, window treatment fashion is a blooming industry, and there are now a plethora of options to choose from when selecting an aesthetically pleasing window treatment for your sliding doors.

The Classic Look

    - Curtains/Drapes

DIY Install Aluminum Windows

diy install windowsTo diy install aluminum windows several steps must be followed to insure that the window will function correctly. First, inspect the window. Make sure it is the right size and shape. Un-bend any bent corners. Make sure there are no cracks or other damage to the nailing fin or any other part of the window.

Make sure your window is square. If any of these are not correct do not install the window as it will cause problems after and during installation. Next you should prep your window for installation. Remove any shipping materials from the window.

Window Treatments for Bathrooms

bathroom windowIt is an interesting fact that the two rooms in your home that can really impact the resale value are your kitchen and your bathroom. In view of that, special consideration should be taken when designing or remodeling these areas since you not only spend time there, but it is an investment. When considering window treatments for bathrooms, several factors need to be closely looked at.