Installing Window Sills

If you are looking for the basics of installing window sills you’ve come to the right place. If you did not have a sill there previously it is fairly straightforward. Just skip ahead past the repair part. On the other hand, if you are replacing one that has gone bad due to weather, then it’s a job of removing everything gone bad and then building from the ground floor (so to speak) back up. Let’s assume you are doing a repair.

The first thing you will want to do is remove all the old caulking from around the of the sill’s edge. It is easy to do this using a 5-in-1 painter’s tool/putty knife

Sill Template

How to Hang a Cornice

In order to fully understand how to hang a cornice, let’s look at exactly what the purpose of a cornice is. A cornice is basically a decorative box made up of a top, a front, and two sides. Its purpose is to hang above a window to hide a curtain rod and hooks. It also makes the room look more elegant and will add value to your home when the time comes to sell it.

Hanging Tab Top Curtains

curtains with tab topsTab top curtains are one of the best ways to dress a window if you’re looking for something simple, elegant and easy to do-it-yourself. They’re also an excellent choice for renters because they can be hung without causing too much alteration to the existing hardware or damaging the walls, and then they can be pulled down and taken to the next residence with ease.

Excellent Versatility

DIY Cornice

If you have never heard of a cornice before and think that you never laid eyes on one then you would be wrong. The cornice has been a staple feature of architecture for many centuries and originates in Italy. It is in fact a ledge like feature that is used to hide the join between a wall and a ceiling.

Thermal Insulated Aluminum Windows

With heating prices as excessively high as they are today, it is no wonder that individuals looking to renovate their home are actively seeking solutions to everyday heating problems. Windows actually provide a major problem when it comes to preventing heat loss in your home.

Just like the human body loses most heat via the head, most houses lose the majority of their heat via poorly fitted or insulated windows. As a result, if you are looking to install and replace windows, thermal insulated Aluminum windows provide an option worth considering.

Heat Your Home And Conserve Energy