Replacement Aluminum Casement Windows Guide

If you are considering renovating your property then the likelihood is that you will at least think about tearing every room to pieces and starting again. If that is the case and your property is more than a few years old, you should consider replacing all of the fittings too so that any degradation, and thus possible weak spots, is removed before your start.

Basement Casement Windows

Basements have traditionally been viewed as lightless spaces that are simply used to store unwanted items that have no place anywhere else in a home. However, the trend of renovating your home to get the best out of all space has opened up a whole new world of basement activity.

Basements are now being used as games rooms, fitness centres, bedrooms and studies, amongst other things, and so have different structural needs than they have ever had before. A source of light is now high on the individual homeowner’s wanted list, and basement casement windows fit the bill!

How to Repair Storm Windows

Just as the weather begins to chill out, homeowners begin to wonder how to repair their storm windows. No one wants to freeze in their own home, of course, and everyone wants to make sure their protection is up to scratch in the event that a storm threatens to huff and puff and blow their house down. The best time to pay attention to your storm windows is in Fall so that you can do the work when it’s not so chilly outside, and when the temperatures do drop, you’re ready.

Window Hardware for Bay Windows

San Francisco is the ultimate destination for those who want to see bay windows in all their glory. These alternatives to windows flush with walls provide a more three-dimensional element to a home and are a feature unto themselves. Externally, they add character and eye appeal but from the inside, they extend living space a little and create little nooks for reading or sitting while watching the world go by. There is a range of window hardware for way windows that provide quite a few alternatives in appearance and functionality.

Internal Hardware

Do It Yourself Cornices

Cornices rate high as one of the classiest ways to jazz up your windows. One way you can get this look at a fraction of the cost a professional would charge you is with do-it-yourself window cornices. You can find fairly pricey kits that come pre-measured with the materials pre-cut that you simply put together, but who’s to say how closely you’ll come to actually getting what you want for your own particular décor scheme? And considering that pros charge up to $7.50 per inch to make custom window cornices, doing it yourself can save you a serious chunk of change by applying a little know-how along with your own time, tools, and materials.