Bathroom Wall Paneling Types

There are several types of bathroom wall paneling you can buy such as timber, tiles, faux stone and these days it is even possible to get plastic ones. However, by far the most common are timber and tiled bathroom wall panels, as these are the two materials that produce the most aesthetically pleasing look in a bathroom. Both timber and tile bathroom wall panels, can be obtained in any type of timber or tile design that you may desire.

Bathroom Tile Panels

Acrylic Clawfoot Tubs

If you want a classic old time antique look to your bathroom, you can do so by replacing your modern looking tub with an acrylic clawfoot tub. The acrylic clawfoot tubs we will discuss in this article are replica antique tubs. These are not the actual vintage tubs themselves, but may even be better in many respects. You will have to read on to find out why.

When searching for a unique acrylic clawfoot tub for your bathroom, there are some things to take into consideration such as the size of the area that you want to put it and the size you need for everyone who will use it to be comfortable in it.

Bathroom Grab Bars

If you go through your home with a discerning eye, you will probably spot a few safety hazards. One of the overlooked places where accidents can occur is the bathroom. According to a 1982 safety study, falls can account for up to 40 percent of household accidents. Bathroom grab bars, which function as handrails, can be a valuable addition to your bathroom.

Nowadays you do not have to spoil the appearance of your bathroom décor with sterile, institutional looking stainless steel bars; you can buy grab bars with enamel finishes in a wide variety of colors to match your current bathroom colors.

Locating Grab Bars

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Bathroom renovation is a popular occasional activity for homeowners today, especially those that are performing extensive work on their homes. After all, a bathroom can contribute to the overall styling of a home extensively because there is nothing worse than keeping an existing grotty bathroom in an otherwise elegantly decorated home.

However, there is one element of bathroom renovation that homeowners seem to neglect. That element is the lighting. They focus on the colouring and decor use, as well as the furniture pieces placed within the bathroom. Without the best bathroom light fixtures though, there is no point.

Acrylic Shower Wall Panels

There are a number of options for covering shower walls, including fiberglass panels, PVC panels, natural stone tiles like slate, ceramic tiles, and acrylic shower panels. For a standard size shower, one piece insert units are available; these work well in a corner shower, which has two walls, or a stall shower having three walls. For smaller and non-standard shower sizes, the walls can be covered with single acrylic panels trimmed to fit, corners between adjacent panels are seamed with silicone sealant or caulking.