Toilet Subfloor Repair

Generally, when your toilet begins to leak around the wax ring that seals it to the floor, the sub floor begins to rot and weaken. Other conditions such as water leaking from a nearby pipe and pooling around the toilet can also cause toilet sub flooring damage. Another common cause is mold. To help you easily understand what you will need to do in order to fix a rotten or damaged toilet sub floor, we have made an easy to follow guide.

Tools you will need to fix the sub flooring under your toilet:

-Adjustable wrench
-Spray lubricant/nut and bolt loosened
-Wax ring. Make sure it comes with new bolts and nuts if yours look rusted or corroded. The ring and hardware are standard sized for most toilets.
-Putty knife
-Pipe wrench.

Staining Bathroom Cabinets

When staining bathroom cabinets, you must always remember that preparation is key. If you prepare the surface of the cabinet well the stain can be applied evenly and will not result in any dark or light patches appearing when the stain dries. If the bathroom cabinet to be stained is in a prefabricated pack then staining it before assemblage is recommended.

Alternatively, if the bathroom cabinet has already been constructed or fitted in position, move it out to your workshop and take out/off any easily removable doors and shelves. If at all possible, staining all of the wooden components separately will result in a better job.

Prepare the Surface

Removing Shower Surround

We will be discussing how to remove your shower surround; the one piece built in type surround, not tile or other types of shower surrounds. There are two basic ways that old shower surrounds may be attached. They can be attached with screws and caulking or more commonly, with adhesive and caulking. This page tells you how to best remove both types with minimal damage to the walls behind the old surround. Walls can be made of ordinary drywall, water resistant drywall (green board), tile or other less common materials.

Tools and Supplies Needed

Cleaning Marble Bathrooms

Cleaning marble bathrooms properly is important to keep the shine and finish looking of the stone new. Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones for use in household construction. It is commonly thought of as a hard stone, but is actually quite porous. This means that it is prone to staining and blemishes.

Preventing Stains

Preventing stains and blemishes on marble is just as important as proper cleaning. Spills should be cleaned-up immediately. Any liquid with color in it has the potential to leave a stain.

Bathroom Fan Cover Replacement

Is your bathroom fan cover or grill old and yellowed with age? They can easily be replaced. If you have to replace your fan motor, you will also need to know how to replace the fan cover. Whether you call it a “fan cover” or a “fan grill”, we are talking about the same thing here.

All you really should need is the following few items to replace your bathroom fan cover:

    • New cover (should come with new spring clips also).
    • A vacuum cleaner to clean out the fan unit before replacing the cover.