Marble Bathroom Designs

Marble Bathroom Tub Whilst you could call in an interior designer from a local supplier to come up with some marble bathroom designs, to get exactly what you want out of a marble bathroom there’s absolutely no reason at all why you can’t do it yourself, and save some money doing it. Designing any bathroom, marble or otherwise, is mainly a question of maximizing the use of the space that you’ve got available.

Composting Toilets

Clivus Composting ToiletA composting toilet is a system that evaporates liquids and biodegrades solid human waste into nutrient rich fertilizing soil. Toilet waste is over 90% water. A composting toilet evaporates this liquid and releases it through a vent system. The remaining solid is then recycled back into the environment. They can be self-contained or have a remote composting area.

Bathtub Repair Kits

Bathtub refinishing is not the kind of do-it-yourself job for the everyday handyman. It requires professional training, years of practice and quite a great deal of skill. It is an advanced project that even the most experienced homeowner would wisely leave up to the pros. This is a matter of satisfactory results as well as personal safety.

The use of harsh chemicals, fast-drying fiber-glass filler, solvents, industrial-strength cleaning agents, polyurethane topcoat and primer might even make you question your willingness to even attempt such a dangerous job.

Copper Plumbing for Bathrooms

When it comes to seeing exposed water pipes you simply can’t beat seeing copper plumbing for bathrooms, rather than any other metal or plastic pipe work. Whilst I’ve nothing against using the modern flexible heat resistant plastic pipes to carry cold or hot water under the floor or hidden inside a wall or ceiling, when it comes to pipes being visible in a bathroom - copper plumbing wins hands down.

Glass Block Shower Installation

glass block shower wall project If you have been wanting to learn more about installing a glass block shower in your home, then this article is for you. Glass block shower installation has become standardized in many ways over the years. There are a plentitude of layouts and designs available in glass block shower kits. These seem to be the norm rather than the exception when it comes to glass block shower installations.