Build a Shower Dam

bathroom shower dam projectA shower dam, also referred to as the shower curb, is the raised section at the entrance to the shower that keeps the water in. In this article, we will discuss some regulations and methods for replacing an old shower dam or building a new one.

The first thing you have to be aware of when working on a shower dam is your local building codes. Some local codes say that curbs must be from 2 to 7 inches high. Be careful though, because I have seen other codes that state dams or curbs must be 3 to 9 inches high.

Sheetrock Greenboard Alternative

Greenboard is another name for moisture resistant sheetrock, or drywall. The paper that covers the gypsum core is coated with wax and is a green color, hence the name.

It used to be the industry standard for moist areas, but it has been proven that it retains water which promotes mold, and now greenboard is no longer certified as a tile substrate by the International Building Code, as of Jan, 1, 2006, per 2006 IRC 702.4.2:

    "Cement, fiber-cement or glass mat gypsum backers in compliance with ASTM C1288, C1325 or C1178 and installed in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations shall be used as backers for wall tile in tub and shower areas and wall panels in shower areas."


Bathroom Floor Joists

bathroom floor joistsThe bathroom is a special space in a house with unique needs. Accommodations need to be made for fixtures and plumbing and one of the first concerns will be framing the floor. Your bathroom floor plan should detail locations of toilets, shower stalls and bathtubs; if these are taken into consideration when floor joists are laid out, you will not need to move joists or make cuts in them later on.


Bathroom Sink Buying Guide

You have a lot more leeway in your choice of a sink for your bathroom than for other bathroom components such as toilets and shower stalls, because of their relative simplicity and wide choices of materials and types. First, we’ll look at materials.

Sink Materials

Above Countertop SinkVitreous china is a ceramic material that most wall-hung and pedestal sinks are made from. It has a surface with good resistance to abrasion, durability and easy cleanability which will keep its luster for many years.

Framing a Bathtub

If you are installing a bathtub yourself, you will need to build a frame to support that tub. Maybe the tub you are buying is quite lightweight itself. When it is full of water, however, it will be very heavy, so it needs support underneath.

It also needs framing around the top so that the tile, water resistant paneling, or tub-surround you use will fit nicely up next to the tub itself. This article will include some tips and ideas for framing a bathtub.