Bathroom Vanities - Choices Abound

Choosing a bathroom vanity can seem a complicated task. For while choosing a toilet is a utilitarian task, choosing a bathroom vanity is like choosing the whole style of the bathroom. It sets the mood and tone and is the one part of the bathroom you'll likely use the most.

There are many varieties of bathroom vanities to choose from and in many price ranges. It's important to consider all the options in bathroom vanities before making your purchase. Before purchase, you also need to know what size bathroom vanity you are looking for and what size your space can handle. Also consider who will be using the bathroom - do you need his and her sinks or one sink for the guest bathroom?

Bathroom Moisture

Moisture is inherent to any bathroom, and yet it can be a real pest for creating a grimy appearance, encouraging mold or mildew growth, damaging your decorating, and creating other problems.

Look around your bathroom, and ask yourself the following moisture-related questions:

    Are any of the finishes moisture-damaged?
    Are there visible waters stains on any surfaces?
    Is there any mold growth on any surfaces?
    Is there any paint blistering or peeling?
    Are there any swollen, buckled, or rotten surfaces?
    Is any of the grout or caulking chipped, cracked, or peeling?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then go over the following plans of action that may be ideal for your bathroom issues.

In the Bathroom

Anything that you can do to your bathroom is a great way to add value to your home. However, before you jump into a project, have a good look at the actual problems and issues, instead of simply doing things so that you can say this is a new toilet.

Bathrooms are tricky places, and as much as you want to maximize their appeal, as they are a main selling point in the house, you also do not want to get stuck with a project that will not pay off when you sell your home.

Also, if you do dive into a task, you risk running into unexpected problems when it is too late to go back, and then you may be stuck with some unfortunate unexpected expenses. Such costly surprises should be avoided if at all possible.

Frameless Shower Door Tips

A frameless shower enclosure is made up of to 1/2" tempered and polished safety glass. It is strong and sturdy enough to use very little metal. The only metal that is used is to secure the panels.

A frameless shower door will increase the value of a home, and lasts three to four times longer than shower door with a frame. It virtually eliminates the need for a metal frame.

This type of shower door can always be cleaned to "like new" condition. Frameless doors open in and out unlike a framed door, which opens out only. Unlike a framed shower door, a frameless shower doors does not corrode.