Installing Bathroom Venting

To reduce the risk of mould and mildew forming in your bathroom you need to ensure that it’s well ventilated. Whilst you can purchase special paints that are designed to cope with the high humidity of a bathroom and caulks that are resistant to mold and mildew; installing bathroom venting will also help to prevent your bathroom from becoming full of steam when you’re in it.

Bathroom Venting Options

Using a Tub Drain Wrench

One tool that may be needed for remodeling your bathroom is a tub drain wrench. Using a tub drain wrench will allow the homeowners to remove the drain from the bathtub without expending a great deal of energy, breaking the drain, or marring the finish of the tub. As a recently new innovation, many homeowners may not be aware of the tool or how much work and effort it can eliminate.

Installing Bathroom Fans

If you’ve added a bathroom to your home or have condensation problems in an existing bathroom, installing a bathroom extractor fan to vent through an outside wall is an easy job for a DIY home enthusiast.

If the fan is to ventilate a shower stall it must be an in-line fan; the grill for the fan will be in the ceiling above the shower and a length of ducting then runs to the electrical components, otherwise a wall mounted fan will be quite adequate.

Bathtub Enclosure Installation

If you’ve recently installed a new bathtub that fits along a wall or into a corner - you’ll probably be wondering what the best way to fix the bathtub side panels to the tub is. Creating a bathtub enclosure is an easily accomplished task for most DIY home enthusiasts. Having installed the bathtub and made sure that it is level you can then set about building a timber frame for the bathtub enclosure.

Bottom of the Bathtub Enclosure Frame

Leveling a Bathtub

One of the most important aspects of installing a new bathtub is making sure that the bathtub is level when installed. Leveling bathtub and bathtub fixtures will avoid the numerous problems and issues that can arise in the future with a bathtub that is not leveled. There are several different ways that can be used for leveling the bathtub and each can be used in slightly different circumstances.